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The Big Idea

  We want parents and children to feel happy and secure about the start of school.

  Honeycomb Books are reassuring, fun and effective. Designed to build resilience, the books are a practical safeguard against beginning with a bump. Children receive a unique keepsake and parents feel supported in equipping their child through a key transition.


Honeycomb Books:


  • Encourage communication at home in good time before the first day;

  • Engage with the common concerns of children and parents;

  • Kick start a culture of reading at home and parental collaboration with schooling;

  • Are a tool for staff in the first weeks of term;

  • Minimise the risk of rocky starts;

  • Are a memorable welcome to those new to the community.


  The story also prompts thinking and decision-making about routines before the busyness of term starts. The story touches on aspects like screen time, bed time, having breakfast and being on time. 


To see the book click on The Story


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