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 "We were proud to give our Honeycomb Books out to the new Reception class and were delighted by the reaction of parents who loved the special personalisation for our school."

Carrie Whyte

Head of Junior School

Lewes Old Grammar School

East Sussex

“These books have been invaluable for our new Reception children to become familiarised with their new classroom environment, even before their first day, so the transition is much smoother.  The books are also a great tool to encourage parents to sit and read with their children; something which we encourage parents to do from the very start.”

Warrick Barton


Pensford Primary School


“Lily absolutely adores the 'Welcome to Kings' book. We read it at least once a day for about 3 weeks!

 She was thrilled to first receive it and it really got her excited about going to school and helped lessen any starting school nerves by familiarising her with what it would be like.

But not only that ... she still reads it now!


She's brought it out towards the end of each break from school and insisted it's read at bedtime. It's become a very firm favourite.


It always makes her grin even more when she gets to the page introducing her wonderful teacher Mrs Marland.


We have found it a fantastic support - after all - anything that makes the children more comfortable and confident in a new environment is a big win for the parents too.


I have no doubt it helped plenty of 'first day' nerves all round!”


The King's School Macclesfield


“We are so pleased with the quality of the books.”

Zoe Turner


Woodgate Primary School


West Midlands

“You have been a truly wonderful company to work with.  Patient (given all the changes we made), kind and professional.  100% reliable. I would not hesitate to recommend you.”

Anouska Atherton

Marketing Manager

Avon House Preparatory School


“My child was so happy to receive the book at his orientation day. On arriving home we read the book together and he loved recognising the school, playground and the teachers that he had met in the morning. The book was correctly targeted and I think he might be expecting the characters to be there on his first day at school!


We will be re-reading it over the holidays and I know that it will make him feel more confident about his first day.


It has even got him thinking about becoming an astronaut! Such a lovely idea.”


Twickenham Prep School

Richmond, London

  "My daughter started school last September. She was a little anxious about it - and so were we. During the summer holidays we received the Honeycomb Book, which outlined what she could expect.

  It gave us something to look at together and to talk through - and for her to get excited about. It was really reassuring for us as parents to have that from the school - that there was a level of understanding as to what a big deal this was for our family.

  It was just a wonderful introduction to Reception and it was plain sailing from there!" 

Carrie, Parent


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