How to Order

Send us the customised images via WeTransfer. 

We recommend these images:


1. The outside of the building


What will the child recognise as they approach the building? The gate, driveway, pathway or door can also work well here. Sunshine always improves the picture.

2. An image showing the uniform or an example of appropriate home clothes (boy & girl)


Try not to cut the shoes out of the photo. Are they more likely to be wearing summer or winter uniforms when they start? If the boys' and girls' uniforms are different is there an example of each? Of course obtain parental permission. Smiling and taken at eye level works best. 

3. The gym kit / P.E kit / outdoor wear / wellies...


What do children wear outside or for sports? Include the shoes if you can. Preparing children for the change of clothes will save precious time changing that can eat into physical activity. Or, if you prefer, we can add an image of the classroom. 


4. Headteacher (or similar)


Be conscious of what is in the background and take the photo at eye level. 


We need to know names, titles and roles as you wish them to appear. If the photos are saved with a title we will know what you are expecting to see where in the book.  Please also include your preference between Head Teacher, Headteacher, Head, headmaster and headmistress, as well as Ms, Miss, Mr, Dr, Mrs, etc.

5. Class teacher (or similar)

As above! If you are combining a book for multiple class entry with images of two or more teachers try and ensure the images look a little similar - or take a picture of them together. Not sure who the teacher will be? Take a group shot of the SMT or EYFS team.


Smartphone picture quality is perfect. Please send them individually and not embedded in a document.

Avoid sending photos that are too busy.  

Clients can also add a logo.  

Request any additional edits - ensure all school stakeholders weigh in early.

Schools often cap the size of emails so we suggest using the site WeTransfer to send us the images. It is free, safe and simple.

You will receive 35 books. Extra books can be ordered for £4.50. 

We will send across a pdf of the book before we go to print for your approval.  


If there are further changes this does incur charges (£25) to keep the process moving along so do make sure all the relevant stakeholders weigh in as early as possible.

2. Payment

Our payment terms are 28 days from invoicing.

See our prices here.

Most clients pay by cheque or BACS. Details will be on the invoice.

If you order late in the summer term we may request payment before receipt of the books to ensure the Finance or Business Manager is not on holiday when we invoice.

By placing an order you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.  

3. Delivery


Allow at least 10 working days before April and 14 working days after. 


The books require a signature so if delivery overshoots the end of your term do let us know an alternative address.

We look forward to your order!

Any questions? Call us on 0207 971 1180 or email us on

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