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Frequently Asked Questions

(Well not that frequently...)

- Where can we see a preview of a Honeycomb Book?


Click here: The Story


- Can we print the story out?

For copyright reasons it must be viewed on screen or purchased. 


- Do we verify the customized books before they are printed?

Yes, once. Every subsequent review for changes costs £25 (excl. of additional changes which are £10). 

- We made a mistake in our order. Can we amend it?

Unfortunately not. The books are in print production very quickly on receipt of images. Get in touch with us and we will see how we can help. 

- Can we have bespoke books for each child?


The inside front cover has a space for the child's name to be written into the story.  Contact us if you would like individually customised  books. 

- We have fewer than 25 pupils joining our class, can we order fewer books?


For an order of below 25 the design and print layout fees would make the cost comparable to ordering 25+ books.  Do get in touch with us and we will see what we can do to help.  If you do have books that remain undistributed remember these can be used for late joiners, for the following academic year, as teaching tools or for marketing. 

- I am a parent.  Our school has not organised these books can I order one individually for my child?


Contact us for a quote.

- Our school has pupils with Special Educational Needs (SEN), do you have bespoke versions of the book for them?


The book is designed to be understandable to most children regardless of background or educational ability.  We appreciate this may still exclude some SEN pupils.  In this case the adult reader has a large part to play in making the book enjoyable and appropriate for the child.  Current SEN school clients customise the books in greater detail. We would love to hear from you if you have specific recommendations. 


- Can we change the dialogue or storyline?

Yes!  We have some rules and redesign prices (£10 per page).  We can add mottos, school values, term dates and emergency numbers.  Recent edits include integrating the school pet (Hector the Tortoise) or removing mention of Mums and Dads on behalf of a new pupil being raised by grandparents.

- We are a nursery and would like a 'Welcome' book. Can you help?

Yes! We have a nursery version which is simpler than our school version but very similar. See here.


- We don't know who the class teacher will be, is this a problem?


Ideally the class teacher should be included, but you can use an image of a class assistant or Head and we will amend the story to reflect this.  We can also print the book with the image of the teacher missing.  You can create stickers or print images of the teacher once the staffing changes are confirmed.. 


- Can we include more staff in the book, like our teaching assistant?

 Yes - this is no problem but more than 2 will incur costs related to necessary design changes to the book. Remember too many may people on a page may be a little overwhelming for 4 year olds.

- Can we have the book in other or multiple languages?

Yes. Contact us for a quote. 


- Why have you included 'the loo' in the story?

Our research showed that one of the principle concerns of parents when their children start school is whether they would manage to initiate loo breaks or request help.  It is unfamiliar territory with new schedules - accidents happen! We want to encourage children to feel happy about asking for loo breaks.  If your school or parents prefer the word 'toilet' or 'bathroom' we can change this. 

- If we order the book next year do we have to pay for the edits again?

NO!  The book becomes YOUR book and will stay on file as your template to be used again next year.  If you want to edit your edits we do charge for that. If you would rather we did not keep your template on file let us know. 

- Do you have a digital version?

On its way!

If you have any questions we have not covered then please do contact us.  We would love to hear your feedback. This is a new product on the market - but very easy to get the hang of!

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