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Free eBook offer 2021

Do we still have space? No, sorry. They've all been snapped up. 

Our free eBooks went to 6,000 families in 2020 to help with school readiness during lockdown.

This year we are offering free eBooks to new clients in exchange for a video clip about preparing children for school. We will use these to create a resource for NQTs.

Send us a video clip and receive a free ebook that is:

  • Customised to your school

  • 100% free (no hidden costs)

  • Good-looking on laptop, desktop or mobile (iPhone or Android)

  • An alternative to taster days, events and home visits in case there are cancellations.





  • Send a 20-45 second video to via WeTransfer (you can use a free account and it is safe and simple)

  • Smartphone/ laptop quality is great (not pixilated)

  • Write your title and surname (Miss Honey), role/title (Reception Teacher), school and county in the message area of WeTransfer

  • These will be complied into one video of fantastic tips for new EYFS teachers.

  • Dive straight in with: 


"I use...."

"We create..."

"XX activity has had XX impact..."

"We've found XX so helpful..."

"I recommend..."

"Every year we..."


Please don't start with "My top tip about transition is...." We have to edit this out. The whole premise of the video will be transition/induction.


The Content: ONE recommendation to new teachers specifically about helping children prepare for school/transition/induction/school readiness. For example: 


  • Explain one solid / fantastic / “good enough” idea that you would tell a new teacher (or a teacher new to Early Years) 

  • An activity your school does (or you do) to help children prepare for the transition to school that works really well

  • Something tried and tested – it doesn’t need to be innovative or world-changing, a good idea is a good idea

  • The most impactful thing you’ve done or product you’ve used

  • The simplest thing that can be done

  • What you do differently to other schools that works well

  • What new teachers should remember

  • What you wish you had known when you started teaching about helping parents and/or children manage the transition to school

  • Blunders (if you're feeling brave). Something that didn't/doesn't work. 

Just one idea is perfect!

Essential tips:

  • Try not to sound like a politician – you can be human and honest - the video is aimed at peers in the education community

  • Hold a mug of coffee if you’re not sure what to do with your hands

  • You can be in a classroom or at home or outside

  • Filming at eye level works best

  • A not-too-wobbly camera (laptop or colleague works well for this - not selfies).

  • If there are children in the background make sure you’ve cleared this with parents

  • Use props if that helps.

Then we will send you an email confirming your place and asking for 5 photos for your customised eBook. 


Terms & Conditions: 


  • The first 150 schools to send us a video of 20-45 seconds will qualify.

  • Only schools new to our service can qualify.  

  • One per school - although you can add two teachers to the same book.

  • We may do another offer later the term.

  • Schools should send us the images for the customization of their eBooks ASAP. In June we prioritise paying clients but will do our best to get it back to you quickly. If you don’t know your Reception class teacher you can use a picture of your EYFS lead instead (we can always swap this to the class teacher in July).

  • The free eBooks will be the same as our paid eBooks – but without a front cover logo. If you’d like one this will be £10.

  • The videos are for external & public use, by submitting a video you agree to the external publication of the video. 

Need some help? Prefer this information in an email? Would you like this sent to a member of staff? Let us know:

Drop us a line if you're unsure about anything: 0207 971 1180.

If this sounds a bridge too far in a busy schedule you can just purchase an eBook for £75. Click here for how to order.

Thank you so much for the eBook, it is beautiful. 
We can't wait to share it with our families.


Emma Nicholas


Tarporley CE Primary School


“The book is fantastic.”

Rebecca Vowles


Holgate Primary


“We love it!”


Nicola Mountjoy

Reception Teacher

Cleobury Mortimer Primary School



“The book looks fantastic.”

Simon Cassell

Deputy Headmaster

Our Lady's Prep School and Nursery


“My staff love it!”

Dr Helen Townsley


English Martyrs Catholic Primary School


“Thank you so much for the e-book, it looks fantastic.”

Zoe Shaw

Reception Teacher

Elmhurst Primary School

Greater London


“Absolutely wonderful.”

Alice Cartmail

Reception Teacher

Grange Park Primary School



“The eBook looks fantastic! Our new families are going to love it.”

Rachael Penny

Year One and Computing Lead

Stanley Park Infant's School



“Our pupils love it!”

Tessa Roberts

Head Teacher

Downsend School Pre-Prep Ashtead 


Cognita Group


“The book is wonderful and I am certain it is helping lots of little ones.” 

Lauren Oxley

Class 1 Teacher

Brookland Church of England Primary School


“Thank you so much for your excellent eBook. We are really pleased with it.”

Amy Walsh


Henry Chadwick Primary School


“It is very much appreciated, looks professional and is a lovely story for children.”

Rebecca Wilson

Marketing Manager

Ghyll Royd School and Pre-School

West Yorkshire


“Thank you so much for the ebook for our school - it a super resource for us to share with our new entrants particularly in these difficult times when families have been unable to come into school.”

Helen Jackson

YR Teacher

Castle Primary School



"We are thrilled with the eBook and can't wait to share this with our new children. Thank you Honeycomb books."


Miss Alison Walker

Deputy Headteacher & EYFS Leader

St. Andrew's CE Primary School




“Wow – thanks,

fantastic book.”

Julie Fellows

Reception Class Teacher

Butts Primary School


West Midlands

“Thank you for this lovely book. I’m sure the children will love reading and it will certainly help with their transition, especially with the current Covid-19 situation.”

Mrs Armelle Wilkinson

Head of Pre-Prep and Nursery

St Andrew’s Prep


East Sussex



“Can I express how wonderfully written the book is!”

Odette Clarke

Class 1 Teacher

Willoughton Primary School


“Thank you for the free ebook. It’s excellent and I know our school community will love it!”

Charlotte Bull


The Laurels Primary School

West Sussex



“We are absolutely thrilled with the e-book. Thank you so much. You will make lots of little children happy especially at this difficult time for new starters.”



Sharon Doyle

Deputy Head

SS Osmund and Andrew’s RC Primary School



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