How to Order


Transfer Photos & Info to Us

Send us 5 photos (see images above) via WeTransfer. 


It is a free and safe file sharing service. You do not need an account. They will ask you to verify your email address.

Address the transfer to

In the accompanying WeTransfer message let us know if you would like eBooks or paper books - and the name of the school as you would like it to appear.  

Smartphone photo quality is perfect. 

The School Building - What will the child see as they approach on their first day? The entrance, pathway, classroom or front door can work well here, too. Sunshine helps.

School Uniform & Sports Kit - A boy and girl in September uniform (at eye level and smiling).

Head and Class Teacher - Photos saved with names, titles and roles as you wish them to appear. Include the school preference between Head Teacher, Headteacher, Head, headmaster and headmistress, as well as Ms, Miss, Mr, Dr, Mrs, etc.

Your Logo - (If you want it).

The school will be able to review and approve the book.

We invoice the school and payment is within 14 days. 

By placing an order you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.  

 Common Errors

If a photo on file looks pixillated to you it will look pixillated in the book. 

We can't use photos embedded in PDFs or Word documents. Each photo must be a separate file.  


Include the children's shoes in the photos if possible.

Full length shots of teachers can make faces smaller - we recommend as much focus on faces as possible.


Save the staff photos with helpful file names so we know who is who. 

The paper books require a signature so if delivery dates overshoot the end of your term please let us know an alternative address.



We don't know who the teacher will be

A group shot of the SMT or EYFS team works really well.

We have multiple class entry

You can create one book that everyone receives with all the class teachers included or order separate books for each class. 

How long will it take?

Between 5-14 working days depending on when you order. March is quick. June is slow. Paper books take more time (for print and post).


Delays may occur when multiple school stakeholders weigh in to approve the design. Try and secure approval in advance. 



We don't have a uniform


Send a photo of children in representative clothes. 


We could also add a photo of the class.

We want to change some elements of the books


Ensure all school stakeholders weigh in early. Text changes are £10 per page. 


Inclusion & Diversity: We will change the names of the characters for free if different names would better serve your community.

We can't use Wetransfer

WeTransfer is a free, safe and simple file-sharing website. If you're not able to use the site let us know and we will suggest an alternative.

Can we review the book before publication?


We will send across a pdf of the book before we go to print or the eBook goes live for your approval. 


If there are further changes this does incur a charge per set of edits (£25) to keep the process moving along. Do make sure the relevant stakeholders weigh in as early as possible.


We would like a book for nursery Or multiple eyfs year groups


No problem. We have a simple version of the book or we can create a book that would work across several year groups.

We would like to include more StafF

We recommend simplicity, but you can include more members of the team. 

Different questions? Call us or email us.

We look forward to your order!

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